Largest Botnet in the world Sent 12.5 Million Emails With Scarab Ransomware

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March 17, 2018

Scarab ransomware

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A gigantic malignant email crusade that stems from the world’s biggest spam botnet Necurs is spreading another strain of ransomware at the rate of more than 2 million messages for each hour and hitting PCs over the globe.

The famous malspam botnet Necrus which has beforehand found circulating Dridex banking trojan, Trickbot banking trojan, Locky ransomware, and Jaff ransomware, has now begun spreading another variant of Scarab ransomware.

As per F-Secure, Necurs botnet is the most noticeable deliverer of spam messages with five to six million infected hosts online month to month and is in charge of the greatest single malware spam battles.

Scarab ransomware is a moderately new ransomware family that was at first spotted by ID Ransomware maker Michael Gillespie in June this year.

As per a blog entry distributed by security firm Forcepoint, the huge email battle spreading Scarab ransomware infection began at around 07:30 UTC on 23 November (Thursday) and sent around 12.5 million messages in only six hours.

The Forcepoint scientists said “most of the traffic is being sent to the .com top-level space (TLD). In any case, this was followed by area specific TLDs for the United Kingdom, Australia, France, and Germany.”

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